Westerleigh Crematorium to broadcast Covid-safe Christmas service

Westerleigh Crematorium, near Bristol, is making sure local people can still enjoy some traditional seasonal activities – even if they are in lockdown – by webcasting a Christmas service next month.
Meanwhile, the crematorium’s parent company, Westerleigh Group, is helping to support local people who are struggling by donating £2,000 to a foodbank close to the crematorium.

Covid-19 restrictions mean that, like many other live events, this is not going to be possible this year, so the Westerleigh Group has come up with an alternative so ensure that people don’t miss out altogether.
Earlier this year, the group announced it had invested in new webcasting services because of restrictions on the number of people allowed to attend funeral services.

Now, that technology is going to be used to ensure everyone can view a virtual Christmas Carol and Remembrance Service, which will feature a mixture of traditional carols and readings.

Westerleigh Crematorium will be webcasting the one-hour service on Wednesday, December 9, at 6pm.

Roger Mclaughlan, Chief Executive Officer of Westerleigh Group, said: “We wanted to make sure we could provide something this year that would definitely be able to take place, regardless of whatever lockdown restrictions may, or may not, be in place.

There is no need to register in advance in order to view the services, and no tickets are required; people just need to visit www.westerleighcrem.co.uk and click on the link.


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