Bristol Anime & Gaming Con is a fun and convention that takes place in the UK over two days featuring everything from gaming, cosplay, anime, comics and more. The convention will be packed with events and features, such as: Anime Theatre, Manga Artists, Anime/Gaming/Manga/Comics/Japanese Exhibitors, Live J-Pop/Anime themed Performers, Video Game Tournaments, Gaming Challenges, Retro & Modern Gaming Casual Play, PC Gaming & Indie Gaming. Plus a massive lineup of RPGs and Board Gaming, including; RPG Adventures, Over 100 Board Games, TCGing. Stage & Cosplay Events with; Cosplay Masquerades, Wide range of performers and live music, Dub That Anime, The Talent Show, Lip Sync Battle, Anime Bingo, Big Geek Quiz, Big Geek Raffle, Harajuka Fashion Show. Your ticket includes, free of charge, access to all the parties and late-night events up until midnight on Saturday and Sunday (Same venue). The parties shall feature Free Glowsticks and fun and geeky shenanigans through to getting on midnight. Parties include karaoke earlier on followed everything from geeky to cheesy to all your best tunes. 4 – 5 February, Mercure Grand Hotel, Broad St, Bristol BS1 2EL


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