The Comedy Cavern, Wookey Hole Review

The Comedy Cavern at Wookey Hole rides again, the wicked witch flourishing her broom stick in all the cobwebbed corners to flush out the newest, the best, and the good old favourites of stand-up comedy. In what I thought was a bit of a coup Steve Bugeja was headlining, he of ITV2’s sitcom Buffering fame (written by him with Iain Stirling) and a sharp solo act live.

A drink beforehand in the rather jolly bar with friendly staff is a must, surrounded by old-fashioned posters of long past circus acts and films; it would give away my age if I said as a child, I saw the American film, The Flying Fontaines, about a travelling trapeze act which fuelled my long-held desire to run away with the circus and wear a spangly leotard. Unfortunately, that career never took off but I’m still a sucker for all things theatrical especially where it includes having a good laugh.

As before at the Comedy Cavern our favourite acid-tongued MC, Cerys Nelmes, was officiating, winner of the MC of the year award in 2022, she takes no prisoners and beware sitting in the front row. Just back from Australia the day before she showed no signs of jetlag, and her spikey backchat was very funny; she really can coax a good response out of the most unwilling member of the audience.

First up was Suzy Bennett, she learned her trade as a Butlin’s Redcoat and is a bundle of fun, full of homely entertaining stories with an amusing angle. Shapewear, her mum, the devilry of dieting and I especially enjoyed her story of a new boyfriend who stole her heart by the most unlikely means. She really tickled our funny bones and her act seemed all to short which surely must be a compliment.

Keefy Jewell is relatively new on the circuit, and his gentle observational humour on life as a ginger bloke called Keefy, well he started off as Keith I think, was great. He should go far, and his act is an antidote to the more manic comedians that are around.

As we all know it’s a plus to see someone off the telly but Steve Bugeja goes way past that; he’s a natural stand-up with a finely honed act and knows exactly how to play the audience. It would be a spoiler to give away any of his stories but we were crying with laughter by the end, and if you haven’t had the good luck to see him on any of his recent tour he’s worth travelling for.

We had a great evening, our ribs ached by the end and long may the Comedy Cavern continue to be a part of Wookey Hole’s entertainment programme.

David Vowles


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