6 O’Clock Gin at the Glassboat

Bristol’s iconic Glassboat has been floated again at the steady helm of the 6 O’Clock Gin company whose heady botanicals are already a favourite amongst the city’s gin aficionados. Think like an exclusive club serving their range of gins from London Dry, the exotic Mango, Ginger and Lime, and more homely Sloe, best served neat or with Double Dutch Double Lemon for a citric twist. Large balloon glasses, shedloads of ice and a wheel of orange maybe, it’s a cocktail time experience worth having. There’s a cosy shop at the aft purveying all things gin related as well as the gin itself, cocktail masterclasses are to come along wit blending experiences; it’s fizzing with fun and so nice to see the Glassboat setting sail again.

Welsh Back, Bristol BS1 4SB


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