Indian Rasoi, Gloucester Road Review

Open since December last year Indian Rasoi is the second venture for the team behind it who already have a following amongst the curry connoisseurs in the Gloucester Road community. The restaurant is bright and fresh, kitted out in the colours of India, vibrant orange, turquoise and blues; the atmosphere is upbeat and friendly encouraging you to enjoy yourselves.

We love steamed dumplings, so the first happy discovery was the starter of Darjeeling steam momo, dumplings filled with chicken or vegetables (we chose chicken) mixed with herbs and spices, served with garlic tomato chutney. Munching our way through a basketful of crisp papadums alongside a tasty chutney tray we found more dishes to delight, mustard chilli gobi – florets of batter-coated cauliflower deep-fried mixed with spring onions and served with bell pepper sauce, spices and mustard; it sounded fiery and flavoursome and just the thing to dispel the winter blues.

For main courses, first from the tandoor, chicken marinated in yoghurt with a traditional blend of spices, accompanied by a rich sauce, and butter chicken dilliwala served in a tomato cream sauce flavoured with dry fenugreek leaves. For side dishes, pilau rice and garlic naan bread were considered the best accompaniment as suggested by our helpful waiter who had as he himself said “read our minds” to start with by offering pints of Cobra beer and the papadums and chutney tray as we walked in the door.



As we thought the Darjeeling steamed momo were exceptional a dish of five round and still faintly wobbling from their journey to the table dumplings exploding with flavour when bitten and when dipped in the garlic and tomato chutney pretty hot – my dinner guest said his gums were on fire but dousing them with Cobra did the trick! I enjoyed the mustard chilli gobi, a neat trick of serving cauliflower in an interesting way to the joy of vegetarians everywhere. Portions are very generous, and I had to leave aside some florets in case of running out of room for the main course.

After being asked politely if we were ready for the main courses (we were) they arrived nicely presented in china bowls side flanked by steaming pillows of garlic strewn naan bread and the rice. Tucking in we found them to be just as we expected, generous portions of succulent chicken surrounded by plenty of expertly spiced sauce just waiting for the naan bread to be dipped in and eaten.

I think the star of our meal was the dumplings but perhaps that is a personal favourite that we don’t find in many other places. We liked everything about the Indian Rasoi but especially the amicable and attentive staff, and the jolly atmosphere.

Jacquie Vowles

Indian Rasoi, 301 Gloucester Road, Bristol – BS7 8PE



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