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Welcome to our Bristol Motoring reviews section featuring BBC Radio 5’s outspoken motoring journalist correspondent Zog Zeigler’s articles on the hottest 4wheel vehicles that are available; his reports will make you green with envy that he has been lucky enough to test drive the many fabulous top range cars that we all dream of driving or owning.

Mar 19
Škoda Kamiq SE L 1.0 TSI 115PS Review March 2020

Minding their Ks and Qs In shops and petrol stations I have been practicing the art of ‘social distancing.’ I had hoped against hope that this altruistic behaviour would be sufficient for all of us to maintain some semblance of normality at this very difficult time. However, for reasons that I’ll not tire you with, […]

Feb 19
All-New Kia XCeed

Good, but not Xceedingly so. Normally car manufacturers’ press officers send journalists like yours truly range topping super specced up examples of whatever vehicle we have requested of them for the purpose of reviewing. The reasons for this are obvious…blind the scribbler with lots of fruit, leather and gismology in the hope that he or […]

Jan 16
Morgan Plus 6 What’s in a number?

One hundred and ten. That’s one of Morgan’s big numbers. It’s how many years this fine and fiercely British company has been going…in the same family hands. Last year, in its one hundred and eleventh, seventy percent of the Morgan Motor Company’s value was sold to an Italian investment outfit which also has a smaller […]

Dec 16
Audi RS5 Sportback – Easy on the eye…

Back in the olden days – before Greta Thunberg popped her schoolgirly head above the parapet – the Audi RS5 Sportback and Coupé were propelled by thunderous normally aspirated 4 litre V8 lumps that sounded for all the world like the Almighty hawking up a docker’s oyster. Today you will find a very different donkey […]

Oct 25
No fuss, plenty of frills.

Have you ever found yourself following a VW Passat down the motorway and thinking “Do you know what, now that I have a second child and that very smelly Labrador, what I should do now is head on down to my nearest Vee Dub dealer and book myself a test drive in one?” Nope. Thought […]

Sep 27
RS3 Audi Sportback quattro Sport Edition 400PS

Reassuringly fast… A few weeks ago I attended the UK launch of the new facelifted Audi A4 range, a desirable saloon/estate car, or Avant as they say in Ingolstadt, that does battle in the marketplace with the likes of the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Hence, for this month’s automotive outpourings I had fully […]

Aug 29
Seat Tarraco 2.0 TDI 4Drive Excellence.

Just what the World needs – another SUV. In the olden days, when I first started writing and jibbering about motorcars, life was simpler. We more or less just drove about in, um, cars. Now we have SUVs and crossovers – the latter was a brassiere back then – we have MPVs, people carriers and […]

Aug 06
Citroën DS 3 Crossback

Style trumps function. I may have mentioned the dark art of sub branding before in these pages. For the inattentive I’ll do so again. Lexus is a sub brand of Toyota. Infiniti plays the same role, though rather less successfully, for Nissan, as does Abarth for Fiat and more recently Cupra became a hotter and […]

Jun 18
Alpine A110 Première Édition

En France on dit Al-peen, d’accord?   I don’t mind the odd supercar gracing the gravel outside my crib, it’s part of the job after all. And yes, de temps en temps I quite enjoy driving the things. But, apart from the Audi R8 and any Porsche 911, they really are such a faff in […]